Link to the Hobbit speedrun Discord chat group.

Link to the Hobbit page. Features leaderboards for all categories and more.


A custom installer to simplify the process of setting up the game for speedruns.

PC Speedrunning Patch

Removes frame timing differences causing inconsistent physics. Required for PC speedruns. Automatically included if you use HobbitInstaller.


A custom tool offering quick and easy access to cheats and practice saves for the PC version.


Handy speedrun timer, easy to use and highly customizable.

LiveSplit Splits

Contains a split for each of the levels with icons.

GCN Autosplitter

An autosplitter for the GCN version of the game. Works using image recognition. Developed by Shockster.

PC Autosplitter

An Autosplitter for livesplit. It will automatically remove load times, just make sure you're set to time with game-time and not real-time in livesplit. It only works on the 1.3 version of the game, and does not work accurately for MG runs.

GCN Emulator Practice Savestates

A collection of savestates all throughout the game to help with practice. Make sure you use the same Dolphin version as the saves.


Lets you run the PC version in windowed mode. Comes with a Hobbit preset.

DxWnd Config Files

Two community made Hobbit config files for DxWnd. You can use these as is or as a base to change to your liking.

PC Practice Saves

A collection of saves all throughout the game to help with practice.


This website is open-source meaning that if you find an issue or want to add something then you can put in an issue or pull request.